The team has happily returned home

Contest report by Simon, S53ZO:

Call: TK0C
Operator(s): S55OO S50P S53CC S53XX S53ZO S57C S57VW S53MM
Station: TK0C
Class: M/S HP
QTH: NR Calvi
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
>  160:  386    19       75
>   80: 1523    29       99
>   40: 2368    39      136
>   20: 1815    40      135
>   15: 1923    38      144
>   10:  912    35      117

Total: 8927   200      706  Total Score = 15,402,906



We all enjoyed this Field day style M/S operation from beautiful Corsica. Great
team spirit was held during preparation phase (3 days), the contest and after
disassembly (5 hours).

In total we have erected 17 antennas with portable towers and spider beam
160m: INV L + JA&USA beverage + K9AY
80m: Vertical + JA&USA beverage + INV/V + K9AY
40m: 4SQ + multiband vertical
20m: Spider beam + multiband vertical + VDA + A4S
15m: Spider beam + multiband vertical + A4S
10m: Spider beam + multiband vertical + A4S

Rig: TS590S, IC7600, FT1000MP
APM: OM Power 2500a, TL 922, Expert 1K-FA

Main highlight would be experience of being on other side of the pile up.

Main downside is MULT station problems where many, many calls were needed
sometimes to work a MULT. This also shows on the final sum of the mult.
Definitely room for improvement here.

S55M wrote an interesting remark to us saying that we have the best ratio of
points achieved vs. kilograms of equipment of all stations in this contest.
This is somehow true as we kept our goal – one van + one car activation limit.

Thank you TK5EP for local support.

Thank you, to all who donated to us. You are still welcome to do so, the
account is still open and every micro donation helps

More statistic here

Photos here



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